Zucchini Choc Chip Muffins | Great School Snack

Are you a parent who struggles to know what to pack for your kids school lunch every week?  Join the queue.

Now that the April school holidays are over in New South Wales, it’s time to think about school lunches and what to pack.

I have two kids, one in primary and in high school, and every Monday morning I struggle to pack something that is yummy, nutritious and different. It’s easy to pack the same old snack every week but I find towards the end of the week, it comes back uneaten, and what a waste it is.

Yes, I can easily pop into the supermarket and buy the pre-made muffins or treats but my preference is trying to make healthier treats at home as I find the store bought muffins are laden with copious amounts of sugar.

I stumbled across this Zucchini Choc Chip muffin recipe on Google, and decided to give it a go.

Below is a photo of the muffin tray straight out of the oven. It took about 20 minutes to cook, with the oven temperature set at 170 degrees celsius.

I did make a couple of changes, and instead of using the brown sugar as specified, I used castor sugar, and I halved the recommended amount.

The recipe also called for honey, and as I didn’t have honey, I instead used rice malt syrup, which is the healthy substitute for sugar.

Although my kids being kids aren’t huge fans of zucchini, they devoured the muffins without any complaints. Happy mama knowing the kids actually had some vegetables mixed with their treat.

Oh, and for the choc chips, I deliberately grabbed the dark chocolate version – just trying my best to be conscious about making better food choice decisions.

I must say, I enjoyed my muffin baking experience. It was an easy recipe to follow, kids taste test was a big thumbs up, I have a yummy and a healthy snack ready for school and I feel good I made the effort to cook rather than buy. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with buying ready made snacks at the shops, I just felt like cooking on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


What are your favourite Zucchini & Choc Chip Muffin recipes? Let us know via Comments!