Abuklea Road, Epping MSW 2121


Abuklea Road Epping 2121


Have you ever wondered the history of the street names in your local area? How did Abuklea Road in Epping 2121 get its’ name?

A quick search of the Hornsby Shire Council pages reveals Abuklea Road was named after Abu Klea, a town in Sudan, where the Battle of Abu Klea took place in 1885. It is one of a number of local streets named after British battles, such as Balaclava, Khartoum and Waterloo.

What is the Battle of Abu Klea?

Battle of Abu Klea


War: The Sudan Campaign to rescue General Charles Gordon besieged in Khartoum.

Date of the Battle of Abu Klea: 17thJanuary 1885.

Place of the Battle of Abu Klea: In the bend of the River Nile, North of Khartoum.

Combatants at the Battle of Abu Klea: A British force against the Mahdi’s Sudanese army.

Commanders at the Battle of Abu Klea: Major General Sir Herbert Stewart against the Mahdi’s lieutenants.

Size of the armies at the Battle of Abu Klea: The British force numbered 1,400 against a Sudanese army of around 14,000, of which some 3,000 attacked the British square.

Uniforms, arms and equipment at the Battle of Abu Klea: The British Camel Corps wore grey tunics, cord breeches and helmets stained brown. The infantry of the Royal Sussex Regiment wore khaki tunics. The British troops were all armed with Martini-Henry single shot rifles and twenty-two inch bayonets. Both infantry and cavalry were mounted on camels, except the 19th Hussars armed with carbines and swords and mounted on horses.

Source: Picture & Explanation from www.britishbattles.com