Yesterday, I left home to take the kids to swimming and when my daughter asked me for my phone to listen to music in the car, my girl replied with:

Your phone is dead. The screen is black and it won’t turn on!

I thought, ‘Oh no! and simply instructed to press down the On / Off button and the Home button down together for a minute or two until we see the Apple logo appear.

Tried without much success, and I started to get a bit scared that my phone was lost forever.

Arriving at the pool, with my daughter at her lesson, I proceeded to the phone charging station even though my phone was fully charged before leaving home. I again tried unsuccessfully to force a restart and my worries turned serious. Dreaded thoughts of losing all my contacts, messages and my always full photos!!!!

I googled in desperation and searched for answers to the question:

What to do when your iPhone 7 screens turns black?


It’s not the Home button I need to press but with an iPhone 7 I discovered, you need to press down the volume control buttons and the on / off button down together!

Yeah! After a few seconds, my dead iphone 7 was revived which brought much needed relief to the point I had to post about it so others who are faced with the same situation can be reassured!

Uploaded a YouTube video by [WorldofTech] as well.

Have you had a similar experience?