The World is Digital – Is your business digital ready?

Today, we lead our lives digitally. We are online almost 24 /7. We click online and presto we buy things from the internet, we book flights and hotel rooms online, we share pictures and videos with friends and family online, and more and more shopping and businesses are conducted online.

So, is your business online?

More importantly, do you understand the online opportunities you should be familiar with if you want your business to be relevant, current, accessible and easy to find – online.

Online Statistics & Opportunities to Consider*

We are living in a world of online explosion, and it continues to explode every day. It is astounding to learn the impact of the internet and how it has transformed the way we live, learn, shop, and stay connected with friends, family and people.

  • 2000 – 361 million were online worldwide
  • 2014 – over 3 billion
  • Today – nearly half the world is online

In just 14 years from 2000 to 2014, it’s seen a growth rate of 764%

In Australia, the data is even more impressive.

  • Over 90% of Australians have personal internet access
  • Over 80% own a smartphone
  • Per Person, there are 3.3 connected devices
  • On average, Australians spend over 3,360 minutes per month online = over 56 hours!

How can your business benefit from such online opportunities?

Online Shopping

Well, you’re probably wondering what are all these people are doing online? It’s no surprise that with so much information online, we are highly informed and well educated consumers SHOPPING! And we know exactly what we want to buy, from which online store we want to buy from and for how much. We love to search and research online until we are ready to CLICK, make an online purchase, for lots of different goods and services.

Before we make an online purchase, we love to read online reviews or recommendations, ratings and feedback left by others.

The web played an important role in 64%* of Australia’s total transactions of goods and services last year with $19 billion being spent online alone.

Online Entertainment

People are also enjoying the benefits of online entertainment like watching videos with platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

  • Online video has seen triple digit growth in the last five years*

Online Networking

  • Countless hours are spent online connecting , sharing stories and photos and socialising.

The Online Opportunity for Small Businesses

Your potential customer or client is online. Half the world is online. Are you?

If your business is NOT online, how will your customers find you?

To get discovered by new customers, your business needs to be online. A clear digital presence is required if you want to have any chance of tapping in the enormous online world. You need to be where your customers are. You need to be accessible and online so people can discover your business.

The internet has profoundly altered the way we lead our lives. This means your business needs to shift digitally to remain relevant and visible. This shift represents a huge opportunity for any small business.

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