Tony & Rita of Galluzzo’s | Greengrocers at North Epping 2121


Galluzzo Greengrocer North Epping 2121

I had the pleasure of getting to know Tony, North Epping’s long term greengrocer, who has been serving quality fruit and vegetables, deli-meats, artisan bread, premium yoghurts and cheeses to the loyal and happy residents of North Epping.

14 years ago, Tony and and his wife Rita, took over the reins from Tony’s uncle who had owned the fruit and vegetable shop from the 60’s called Agostino’s.

When Tony and Rita took over, they decided to rename the shop to Galluzzo’s, and ever since then, they have been part of the local community stocking gourmet produce sourced directly from the markets, and getting fresh artisan bread delivered daily to stocking the local kids’ favourite Ruby & Roy’s range of yoghurts and chocolate mousses.

Tony says the local favourites are the fresh produce like the string beans, avocados, crunchy and sweet apples and their seasonal fruits.

Galluzzo Greengrocer North Epping 2121

Both are active members of the community, and generously donate fruit trays for local community events and run campaigns and competitions to promote healthy eating.

They are members of the Local Greengrocers group, and their next promotion is called ‘Now That’s Pure Gold‘ which kicks off Saturday, May 19th and wraps up Saturday 17th June.

For each customer who purchases from Galluzzo’s they receive a unique coupon code which they will use to enter this promotion for the chance to win Corporate Box Tickets to the State of Origin Game 2. Start collecting your coupons!

Galluzzo Greengrocers North Epping 2121

Drop in and say ‘Hi’ to Tony & Rita, and taste all the wonderful produce and goodies they stock. It was an absolute pleasure getting to Meet Locals to Shop Local. Buy Local to Support Local! Support your local community, they are priceless!