Even before turning 4o, my hair dilemma was the shock horror of the greys coming out to haunt me, most prominently around the front and sides of my head. It was so obvious, and doubly hard to cover up.

Gradually I’d turn from feeling fab and great to looking like a ‘Japanese’ horror character’ with my long parted hair in the middle flowing down the front of my face, in vain, trying to cover up the nasty sprouting white and grey bits.

I think I can finally stop behaving like a horror character (I can relate to this because I’m of Asian background with long straight hair) as I recently discovered this ‘root blurring’ product by John Frieda.

Before this discovery, I have tried and tested many other root touch up products like ‘hair mascara’ which stained my pillow case after a night’s sleep, ‘hair crayon’ which you’d have to wet the stick first before applying it to your greys then your roots would like it had a wet slick coat of tar like paint smeared on!

Other solutions was the DIY root touch up potions and lotions you had to apply using a pair of plastic gloves ten times the size of your hands, and the creamy mixture would drip and drop everywhere!

Then the last resort was the costly 6 weekly trip to the hairdressers, giving up almost 2 hours of your precious time, then within a couple of days, noticing the whites starting to make it’s way out.

Well more on this new product, which I am very excited to share with you.

It’s the Root Blur Chestnut to Espresso by John Frieda. I discovered this little gem whilst browsing the aisles at Priceline. I picked this one up for $20.00 but online they have a special at $13.99.

It’s like an eye-shadow for your roots, and you use a little brush to apply the shadow into the roots of your hair, and the result is surprisingly natural looking and extremely easy to ‘blur’ your greys away.

Product Description: John Frieda Colour Blending Root Blur Concealer

‘Erase roots instantly. Blend away dark roots with a single stroke. The dual-shade palette of our Colour Blending Concealer gives you the freedom to customise your shade and allows you to blend to perfection. The mineral-pressed powder instantly adheres to conceal your roots. Freshen without fuss’.

  • Quick and simple to use
  • Stays right where you apply it
  • Lasts until next shampoo
  • Light, weightless feel
  • Extends the time between colouring
  • Approximately 40 – 60 applications

Price: $19.99 AUD at Priceline in store or online special $13.99. Check the site for availability.

PS: I do not receive any endorsement money from John Frieda. I am just excited to share this product to all those grey root sufferers who may find temporary relief before trudging back to the salon!

If you have tried this nifty hair concealer, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please Comment or Rate.