Epping Oval is a beautiful wide open grassy park perfect for 4 legged ones as well as for the family.

Many dog owners with their children are seen on Epping Oval running around, and having fun with other furry friends.

It is pretty relaxed and friendly, and there are a couple of rules to abide by, which everyone who frequents this park do so without a problem.

Hornsby Council has a sign outside the oval citing some simple rules to be aware of, and they are:

  • Dogs must be ‘on leash’ in the car park

Dog Owners must:

  • Keep dogs off the cricket pitch in the centre of the oval when roped off
  • Pick up and dispose of all wastes
  • Keep their dogs under control at all times.

If there are organised sporting events, and there are many, like soccer and cricket, then dogs are not permitted to be ‘off leash’ inside the oval.

There is a constant supply of ‘poop’ bags to which you can help yourself to, to ‘scoop’ up your dog’s droppings, and there is a bowl of water inside the fenced off park. Everyone plays their part, and if the bowl is empty, it is simply filled up with water, and placed back inside the park for all dogs to enjoy.

Busiest times are early morning weekends before sporting events start, and usually you’ll see lots of dogs and humans after 5pm where lots of locals visit with their kids.

Kids can play in the play-ground opposite the oval.

Overall, a fun and a friendly dog park for everyone to enjoy!

Have you been to Epping Oval? What are your thoughts?