Top 10 New Year Financial Resolutions

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Let’s look at some of the Top 10 Financial Resolutions:

1. Know your ‘now’ situation

Best way to start planning for your financial future is to know where you’re at, what you own, and what you owe.

Work out how strong or weak your financial position is using online calculators. If you understand your current financial position you can start making smarter financial decisions to improve your situation.

You need to start with a good base, and if you don’t know your own financial starting point, then it’ll end up being one of those resolutions that gets forgotten sooner than you set them!

MoneySmart has an online Net Worth Financial Position Calculator to get you started.

Article Content Summary:

  • Know your ‘now’ situation
  • Become financially savvy & interested
  • Know your money ins and money outs
  • Set some goals
  • Make the most of your super
  • Investment Goals
  • Create a financial safety buffer
  • Get a personalised financial future plan
  • Get obsessed about our financial future
  • Surround yourself with smart people

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