Clovelly Beach

A beautiful spot to visit no matter where you’re from. It’s a public holiday today in Sydney and we were fortunate enough to head to Clovelly Beach, and what a lovely treat it was. We had a lazy start, and didn’t leave until 10am from Epping NSW 2121 to Clovelly Beach situated in Clovelly. Being a public holiday, it was a breeze on the Sydney roads, and it was easy to reach the beach through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel taking the Randwick exit. We were a bit concerned we couldn’t find parking but to our relief we were able to find a parking spot, for FREE and for all day long. Now this is a real bonus in Sydney, to be able to find parking that is FREE and not metered at such a popular destination for many locals and visitors. It was a great start and getting parking so easily made our day out such a positive one.

Once you park, you are faced with the majestic oceanic views of the waters and waves gently rolling up and crashing against the rocks. The colourful yellow and red clothed Clovelly Life Savers cannot be missed with their iconic life saver uniforms on, and you couldn’t help to think you were in the middle of a Baywatch scene.

It was nice to know they were around to rescue swimmers even though the beach itself was calm but if you swim out a bit you could see choppy waters and lots of young kids jumping into the waters near the deeper end.

There are plenty of sun bathing platforms and decks, and stairs that lead down to the beach. It is a tranquil family friendly beach with a giant net set up where you can volley ball, and a small kids playground.

There is a 25m saltwater pool if you care to do some laps and soak in the sun.

As you walk up from the beach to the upper platforms, you can find a cafe that serve reasonably priced take-away food, coffee, ice cream, smoothies and drinks.

Close by are public toilets and outdoor showers.

Clovelly Beach