Beecroft Place located at 18 Hannah Street, Beecroft NSW 2119 opened its doors on Wednesday 20 September 2017.

Beecroft Place

I arrived at Beecroft around 10am and there were hardly any parking spots in the usual parking spots and there was a lack of street parking as well but it was good to see Beecroft Place had ample parking spots underneath.

Wednesday was the offical day of opening and there were a few curious shoppers and onlookers but there certainly wasn’t a crowd I was expecting. It was actually nice to be able to move around without being jostled around.

The Ground Level was opened with the Plaza Level to open soon.

Ground Level Shops

You can expect to see the following shops:

Woolworths – Supermarket

It was so nice to walk into a brand new store with nicely displayed fruits and vegetables, and comfortable wide aisles to freely move your shopping trolley around without bumping into other shoppers.

The first thing you notice when you walk in this Woollies store is that, it is a plastic-free store. You need to bring your own bags or purchase them at the store. They have loads of Woollies branded bags you can purchase. They still have the fruit and vegetables plastic bags to hold them but the main plastic shopping bags are gone!

Again, it was relatively empty and it was pleasant to browse the aisles taking your time to checkout their produce. I’m not sure how long the serenity will last for when it becomes known to the locals.

It’s not a huge store but it’s nice to have other supermarket options in the locality.



Speciality Shops


  • Beecroft Newsagent
  • Dee Fruity Garden – juices and salads
  • Delight Homeart
  • Domesky
  • Dr Mobile Repairs and Accessories
  • Dragon Touch Massage
  • Flight Centre
  • La Vie en Rose
  • Macchina Espresso
  • Old Razor Barber Shop
  • Pishon Patisserrie
  • Priceline Pharmacy
  • Sushi Square
  • Venue Nails