Sensis recently released their Social Media Report 2017, and the findings reveal interesting facts about Australian consumers use of Social Media as well as Australian businesses use of social media. Click HERE to download the full report.

Here are the facts:

Australians and social media

Out of the 1,100 Australian businesses and 800 Australian consumers surveyed, most use the internet and more than half (56%) do so more than five times a day.

Almost 8 in 10 internet users now have a social media profile (79%).

Use of social media across the different ages

Growth in the frequency of using social networking sites with 59% doing so daily and 35% checking it more than five times a day.

Dominant reasons to social media usage is to catch up with family and friends (89%), share photos or videos (57%) and to watch videos (43%).

Facebook remains universal (94%) among social media users averaging almost 10 hours a week.

Increased levels of trust for brands that interact with customers in a positive way on social media (up from 52% to 64%).

People are also more likely to inspect a brand’s social media presence before making an online purchase if they have not purchased from their website before.

It appears social media advertising or sponsorship is gaining greater acceptance as a marketing tool for brands.

Smartphones are preferred to other devices for social networking with 81% of users accessing social media on a smartphone.

Australian businesses and Social Media – 2017

The main driver behind social media uptake from businesses is to aid marketing and sales with providing a line of contact as the next biggest influence.

Among small and medium businesses (SMBs) 47% have a social media presence while larger businesses are higher at 60%.

Around nine in ten small (90%), medium (87%) and large businesses (93%) using social media have a Facebook profile.

95% of large businesses use social media as a two-way communication channel with small firms at 58% and medium at 41%.

There has been an increase in the number of small and large businesses inviting online comments, ratings and reviews on their social media pages and engaging with customers who provide feedback.

Nine in ten large businesses and more than four in ten SMBs have a strategy behind their social media investment, with growth in each category.

Most businesses are still finding their way with social media

34% of small firms and 45% of medium firms don’t know how much money they have invested in social media.

A quarter (35%) of small businesses and 10% of medium businesses do not have an annual budget for their social media.

Almost half allocate 10% or less of their marketing budget to social media.

Only 23% of small businesses and 20% of medium sized businesses measure their ROI on social media.

How are businesses using social media?

Links on social media remain the most common approach to drive social media traffic to the business’s website.

A majority of large businesses are now advertising their social media presence on other websites (up from 33% to 53%) and in traditional media (up from 46% to 67%).

SMBs are advertising on social media more.

All the large businesses and 90% of small businesses who advertised on social media have placed an ad on Facebook.

Businesses generally believe their social media advertising has been effective across all of the platforms used.